June 25, 2011

Visiting Expats in my Area

In France, there are several on-line networks for expats. Many concern Paris and the job market. There is one, however, that operates in many areas all over France and shares really good information. It's the Survive France Network.
I saw that there was a fellow, James, who lives in the Loiret. So I had to know where. Turns out he and his wife, Mag., are about 40 kilometers away from me.

They were nice enough to invite me over for coffee and dessert last Sunday. I found their house easily and also found two lovely people. Mag is from Brazil originally and James from the US.
We had a nice chat about all sorts of things. It's always wonderful to meet expats in my area. I hope they'll come here to see me.

Monsieur Titi thinks I'm nuts. He says "Are you going to go visit every anglophone in France?" But I think, "Why not?" A French person would never go visit a total stranger, even if they were dying for French company.

Would you go visit someone just because they were American, or English, or South African?


Bombchell said...

oh wow serious a french person wouldn't! Ive met some bloggers and that was cool. If I lived in France, I'd def meet up at least once.

Ksam said...

I used to do that in Bretagne, mostly because I felt so isolated there and it was nice to touch base with an Anglophone once in a while. Now that I'm in Paris I don't though, I guess maybe because foreigners are a dime a dozen here!

meredith said...

My husband thinks I'm nuts going off and meeting other strangers just because they aare also Americans in France. He worries that I'm going to meet up with someone dangerous. I've only met nice people!

Lori Skoog said...

Absolutely! I have met a couple of my blogger friends and loved it! Just last week a man from Norway docked his 39' sailboat at the Welcome Center on the Erie Canal. A friend told us he was there, so we went down to meet him. 15 minutes later we invited him out to lunch and made a new friend. We really enjoy meeting people from all around the world.

Joyful said...

Absolutely. I love meeting people and am always open to it :-)

Rob-bear said...

Visit another Canadian if a resident in a different country? Sure; why not? People from home. Sure. Help them get settled, learn the systems.

ladybird said...

I'm not an expat, but I love meeting new people from all over the world too. Through my blog I've 'found' and met many lovely people: Americans and Australians living in the Loire Valley, a charming couple from Atlanta who included Brussels in their 'French' tour simply to meet me (and to see the Grand'Place, of course) and - pretty soon - an English lady who will drive over 100 miles to join me on my holiday location in the UK. Can't wait!

Mark said...

If I lived in France and I heard of another American near by, you can bet your sweet bippy that I'd be in the car driving to their house. I love meeting people. Fred, that French husband of mine, thinks it's okay that he hasn't seen a couple of his brothers in 15 years. That would drive me nuts!!!
Your Friend, m.

Barbara said...

Hi Dedene,

Blogging came in very late in my expat life and up to then, it was rare that I met any anglophone.Since 2006 I have known several expats. But, I am not in an active social mode as you are. I stopped reading expat blogs, too.

I think that you enjoy meeting other expats,thats great. Whatever makes your life happy!

claude said...

C'est comme quand je suis venue te voir, il paraît que Monsieur Titi ne comprenait pas trop pourquoi tu me recevais. Il faut être blogueur pour cela.
Et puis ce genre de rencontre peut découché sur de réelles amitiés.
C'est sans doute aussi un lien qui rattache au pays d'origine.

Autre chose :
Comment ça, je suis folle !
Non, enfin je ne crois pas ; un peu fada sur les bords, comme tout le monde. Non, je suis drôle et tu peux être drôle et pas forcément folle, mais par contre quand t'es folle, t'es assurément pas drôle !!!
Bisous !

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I have met a few bloggers now and loved meeting each and everyone. If I knew of any S.Africans/ Zimbabweans in my area, for sure I would be off to meet them. Diane

Craig said...

Absolutely, I think that it's a grand idea! A nice balance between locals and expats is a very good blend.

Annette said...

Absolutely, I would go meet them. Being an introvert, I would have to get my energy up first but I would be curious so I know I would go.